The Far Side of the Glass

A boy in a wheelchair has a wish to be freed of his condition and given back the use of his legs. When his mother takes him to a place away from ordinary life, he is left waiting for a few minutes, and he passes the time in a journey through his imagination. But in his brief excursion, he finds a magical moment of liberation — a fantastical encounter, where anything can happen, and dreams just might come true.

Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi

Award: Platinum Remi Award 2009, WorldFest Houston

Tea Time With a Stranger

A man is in the process of robbing a home when he realizes, to his shock, that the elderly woman homeowner is still at home! Claiming he is a friend of her son’s, the burglar gets trapped for a day of polite visiting with the woman. Is the woman as oblivious as she acts? Will the burglar get away with his charade?

Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi

Life’s Too Short

Lifes Too Short is a comedic tale of two complete strangers who meet on a cliff while they try to kill themselves. Misery loves company and the two quickly become friends, so much so, that they agree to help each other die in peace. After several failed atempts and bad ideas, they agree on hanging since they can do it together. Realizing that they have more to live for then they originally thought, they discover redemption through their friendship, and that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi (SDF 2004)