The School of Acting for the Screen

This school is part of a growing film program at University of the
Nations and runs along the School of Digital Filmmaking. Both
curricula are intertwined in order to generate the synergy and working
dynamics of a community of filmmakers.

Actors trained in the School of Acting for the Screen have an
opportunity to have leading and supporting roles in the short films
produced in the School of Digital Filmmaking and therefore having an
immediate practical application of all what is learned in class.

Guided by the staff and experienced professional guest speakers, the
School of Acting for the Screen provides intensive training in the
following topics:

- Introduction to the craft of acting: From Stanislavsky’s System and
the Meisner Method to Uta HagenĀ“s approach and Suzuki’s technique of focusing, students will fully explore
the most effective ways an actor can “live” truthfully under imaginary
circumstances when inhabiting a role.

- Improvisation: learning how to leap past boundaries and move forward
into strong choices in role-playing

- Visual story telling: Understanding camera angles, lenses, lighting,
and its influence in the performance.

- Script analysis : Understanding how characters are structured within a
film script, scene study, script analysis. Breaking down scripts,
scene preparation, creating your role etc.

- Working with the film director: discontinuous shooting, set work
ethics, script readings and rehearsals.

-Auditioning: preparing the actors for the audition environment by
giving a realistic idea of what is required in an audition.

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