Attempting to save their drug-shattered marriage, Markus and Dalia move to Hawaii to start a new life in an old coffee plantation house. They soon realize it’s not the tranquil paradise they sought. The house has a menacing secret, one that threatens their hopes of rebuilding their lives.

When the secret of the house’s past becomes a very present danger, their trust in each other is truly put to the test. Alone in their new house and surrounded by mysterious locals, Markus and Dalia are thrown into an inexplicable world in where past and present, imagination and reality begin to blur.

Director: Guillermo F. Navarro

The Land of Eb

Jacob Jackson is a remarkable man, an illiterate, self-taught electronics expert,an immigrant, a leader and a father. After being displaced from his home in the Marshall Islands because of nuclear weapons testing, Jacob has spent the last fifteen years of his life building a new home for his family on the southernmost tip of the Big Island of Hawaii. When he learns that he’s dying of cancer, Jacob becomes determined to earn enough money to ensure his family’s future after he’s gone.

Director: Andrew Williamson