La Isla Edena

A shy Spanish knight is sent across the earth – to find, woo, & bring back the Last Virgin Princess.

Directed by Daniel A. Nietz

The Far Side of the Glass

A boy in a wheelchair has a wish to be freed of his condition and given back the use of his legs. When his mother takes him to a place away from ordinary life, he is left waiting for a few minutes, and he passes the time in a journey through his imagination. But in his brief excursion, he finds a magical moment of liberation — a fantastical encounter, where anything can happen, and dreams just might come true.

Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi

Award: Platinum Remi Award 2009, WorldFest Houston

A Golden Ray of Hope

An 18th century sailor is floating on a wooden raft in the middle of the wide sea. He is dying of thirst and must drink his own urine to survive.

Directed by John Hill

Award: Silver Remi Award 2007, WorldFest Houston


Born in Tonga, a small island in the pacific, to a conservative family and community steeped in tradition, Nasili must find his own way and decide if following his dream means turning his back on his own culture.

Directed by Andrew Williamson

Superheroes Wanted

The son of a comic book artist believes himself to be superhero. On a daily basis he brings his parents mental trauma when trying to protect them from villains that only exist in his mind. But when real danger threatens his family will this young “hero” come to the rescue?

Directed Joel Angyal


No woman wants to turn into her mother- so what do you do when you start to see her face in your own reflection?

Directed by Nicole Nietz