La Isla Edena

A shy Spanish knight is sent across the earth – to find, woo, & bring back the Last Virgin Princess.

Directed by Daniel A. Nietz

Fernando’s Proposal

Fernando is getting dumped so he takes desperate action to prove his love is forever and save the relationship from getting cut off.

Directed by Andrew Williamson


Last moments shared between two people after a tragedy.

Directed by Joshua Martin


Two sardonic angels wearing black, a dying grandmother, a little-red-riding-hood, and a creepy, statuesque bad guy. One room, one soul, one victory, one loss.

Directed by Daniel Nietz

Second Hand Love

A short film that cronicles a girl who gives an old pair of jeans to a thrift store by mistake then drawing her and the man who works there closer together.

Directed Joel Angyal

Last Watch

The paths of a Marine, a pretty nurse, and a dying man intersect in a 24 hour period at a hospital.

Directed by Simon Tondeur

The Legend of Father Fidel

A small red church stands, unharmed and isolated in the woods; this was once the home of an infamous warrior priest named Fidel. Now the little church is occupied and maintained by a quite young man named Jomei. He leads a solitary, peaceful existence until one day, the trouble of the outside world comes looking for him and he is forced to come to terms with the responsibilities of his past and the uncertainties of his future.

Directed by Andrew Williamson

Award: Gold Remi Award 2006, WorldFest Houston

To view “The Legend of Father Fidel: Part 2,” click on the below link:

Superheroes Wanted

The son of a comic book artist believes himself to be superhero. On a daily basis he brings his parents mental trauma when trying to protect them from villains that only exist in his mind. But when real danger threatens his family will this young “hero” come to the rescue?

Directed Joel Angyal

Wrong Number

A detective receives a mysterious phone call from a drug dealer who believes he’s called his friend instead. The dealer unwittingly invites the detective to his place to sample the goods before the buyers arrive. The action that follows proves how drug abuse can destroy lives in an uncanny ripple-effect.

Directed by Jordan Dale

Miss Price is Right

Directed by T. B. Rambo