La Isla Edena

A shy Spanish knight is sent across the earth – to find, woo, & bring back the Last Virgin Princess.

Directed by Daniel A. Nietz

The Far Side of the Glass

A boy in a wheelchair has a wish to be freed of his condition and given back the use of his legs. When his mother takes him to a place away from ordinary life, he is left waiting for a few minutes, and he passes the time in a journey through his imagination. But in his brief excursion, he finds a magical moment of liberation — a fantastical encounter, where anything can happen, and dreams just might come true.

Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi

Award: Platinum Remi Award 2009, WorldFest Houston

A Golden Ray of Hope

An 18th century sailor is floating on a wooden raft in the middle of the wide sea. He is dying of thirst and must drink his own urine to survive.

Directed by John Hill

Award: Silver Remi Award 2007, WorldFest Houston

Clutch’s Hole

Clutch’s Hole is a pleasantly colorful cautionary tale about the nature of addictive behavior and the embarrassment of failure.

Directed by John Hill.


Born in Tonga, a small island in the pacific, to a conservative family and community steeped in tradition, Nasili must find his own way and decide if following his dream means turning his back on his own culture.

Directed by Andrew Williamson

Fernando’s Proposal

Fernando is getting dumped so he takes desperate action to prove his love is forever and save the relationship from getting cut off.

Directed by Andrew Williamson


Last moments shared between two people after a tragedy.

Directed by Joshua Martin


Two sardonic angels wearing black, a dying grandmother, a little-red-riding-hood, and a creepy, statuesque bad guy. One room, one soul, one victory, one loss.

Directed by Daniel Nietz

Second Hand Love

A short film that cronicles a girl who gives an old pair of jeans to a thrift store by mistake then drawing her and the man who works there closer together.

Directed Joel Angyal

Dance Dance Bobby Stulchweiss

How fast would you run if you knew you wouldn’t be able to run again? How far would you go? ‘Dance Dance Bobby Stulchwiess’ is a film about a man at the end of his rope, and the choices he makes with the little bit of time he has left. The film centers around the idea of appreciating the little things in life while they are still around, cause that’s what life is filled up with. If the little things are gone, the big things will collapse.

Directed by John Hill