The Far Side of the Glass

A boy in a wheelchair has a wish to be freed of his condition and given back the use of his legs. When his mother takes him to a place away from ordinary life, he is left waiting for a few minutes, and he passes the time in a journey through his imagination. But in his brief excursion, he finds a magical moment of liberation — a fantastical encounter, where anything can happen, and dreams just might come true.

Directed by Hiroko Kobayashi

Award: Platinum Remi Award 2009, WorldFest Houston

The Legend of Father Fidel

A small red church stands, unharmed and isolated in the woods; this was once the home of an infamous warrior priest named Fidel. Now the little church is occupied and maintained by a quite young man named Jomei. He leads a solitary, peaceful existence until one day, the trouble of the outside world comes looking for him and he is forced to come to terms with the responsibilities of his past and the uncertainties of his future.

Directed by Andrew Williamson

Award: Gold Remi Award 2006, WorldFest Houston

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