Guillermo F. Navarro

Originally from Buenos Aires, Guillermo is a filmmaker with twenty years of experience in producing and directing films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. He founded the filmmakers’ group 24 Frames of Light which has produced over 70 short films that have competed and won in festivals all over the world.

He has finished his first feature film, Relapse, and is working in pre-production on his second, Separation.

To find out more about Relapse, go to:

John Hill

An international filmmaker and screenwriter, John’s projects have taken him across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. His unique short films have competed in film festivals around the world and have won several awards.

John is the co-writer of Relapse, 24 Frames of Light’s first feature film. He also co-wrote The Land of Eb, Kona Video Group’s first feature that is currently in post-production.

Andrew Williamson

Andrew has just made his first feature film, and has previously made several award-winning shorts.

Find information about “The Land of Eb” at:

Hiroko Kobayashi

Hiroko Kobayashi, a Japanese citizen, studied photography at Kansas City Art Institute in the United States. Hiroko’s involvement in filmmaking began in 2004 when she joined 24 Frames of Light where she produced and directed her first short film. Hiroko has since worked on multiple films and video projects in various capacities. Hiroko has made several award-winning shorts with 24 Frames of Light.